Historic Motor Racing has continued to grow over the last decade, in the face of challenging economic times. Competitor numbers increase, more and more cars are restored and returned to use, and the number of world class events keeps on rising.

One massive attraction is the simple spectacle of the history of world motorsport laid before you all in one place on the same day. The paddock permits close up inspection and the track facilitates combat in the finest tradition of endeavor with respect!

In many ways it’s a millionaire’s playground, but as usual the humble Mini bucks the trend. For whilst the Minis are certainly not cheap they are affordable and available. Parts and repairs present no serious difficulties. And of course, values continue to rise – show us a contemporary car to which this applies. In short an FIA Appendix Cooper S is an asset to be loved, admired and raced hard!

Playmini Historic Motorsport offers a range of services to serious competitors. We currently have two Cooper S race cars in build. The process, from rusty 50 year old donor car, to race ready machine takes approximately 12 months. Customers wishing to commission a complete car should pick up the phone in the first instance. Our processes and techniques are proven by our success on the race track. We pride ourselves in products ready to win.

If you are looking for components or sub-assemblies, these too can be supplied. We import/export worldwide.

For competitors with existing cars we can help unlock the full potential. Clearly there are many facets to winning performance, we cover them all. Selection of the right components, build process, tuning and set up are commonly discussed in pursuit of winning performance.

Finally, talk to us obligation free.