Friday we qualified 21st so this is our starting point on Saturday for the first Mini race. Wet conditions saw many people spinning and a few “bumps” and Nick brought the car home safely in 13th position.

Sunday, dry track for race 2 and we started started 13th on the grid. After a pretty exciting start the race was off, Nick received a small love tap which sent him a full 180 degrees off line but managed to pull it back, straightened up and headed off to a very respectful 10th place for race 2.

Again our Swiftune Engineering engine and gearbox performed faultlessly, the car setup performed by Bill Sollis was again superb !

Below is some in car footage from both races some of which is in full 360 degree film so you can move your Ipad round to see the whole view from every window !

Race 2
Race 1
Silverstone F1 Pits
Race 1 at the Silverstone Classic 2019