That’s right … a Historic Mini Van, race-car !

Back in the day you sometimes saw, albeit quite rarely a Mini Van racing with the saloons.

At Playmini we love something a bit different – so here’s the build of our Historic Mini Race Van ! Its been on the back burner for a couple of years but we have finally got round to building.

As usual we have selected a high end rust free donor for our build.

After a complete panel restoration by Endaf Owens the van has had a superb Owens Fabrication FIA spec roll cage fitted

Second stage of the build, all the panel fine tuning, special features and paint compliments of Ian over at Dusty’s Auto Distillery

With all the body fine adjustments done its off to Dusty’s Auto Distillery spray booth !

The finished shell back at the workshop – Another better than superb job by Ian over at Dusty’s Auto Distillery !